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At Matrix Marketing, we are only interested in one thing, that you get a bigger piece of the pie!

Here is something you know, but may not want to believe.

Business to business selling, is not getting any easier, companies have less disposable cash to spend on goods and services.

So, if the pie is getting smaller, you must get a bigger piece. To do this you must do more than your competitors are doing to earn that right. Before calling a business prospect, by using the Matrix Online Business Directory, you will know more about the prospect than most of your competitors. This means you can:

  • be more relevant
  • really know who the decision maker is
  • be better prepared
  • be different
  • be more valuable
  • be more compelling
  • be more believable
  • be more confident
  • be more trustworthy

…. because you will understand them to a greater degree, questions you ask will be more pertinent.

When sales people call on me, I am amazed at how poorly prepared they are at knowing our company, what we do, how big we are, what our products do and so on.

This leads to a feeling that they are not really interested in me and are looking for a quick easy sale.

Companies today are not looking to buy just products and services, they are looking for a partnership in which you take responsibility for the performance of your product.

Let me ask you this?..

Before visiting your last sales prospect, how well did you research both the company and the person you met?

To be a “Sales Legend”, preparation is everything and can be broken down into several parts.  Understanding the prospects business, understanding the person you are meeting and being equipped to make the very best use of their time.  They all require research and one of the country’s primary sources of this knowledge is the Matrix Marketing Online Business Directory.

You can find the answers to many of these questions on our cloud-based online platform.

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