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Sales Managers are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their sales teams.

The saying that if you want to improve something, measure it, is so true.

But how to achieve this, without adding more work to the sales managers tasks?

The ALP(R) Automatic Leads Provider Report from Matrix Marketing is the answer.

Two easy steps will change your world.

This add-on to our standard on-line system, increases it’s user friendliness, as it automatically EMAIL’S sales staff with prospecting contact information at predetermined intervals.  Giving your sales team the edge in talking to the right people in the right companies and shortening there sales cycles.

To this, we have added Reports for Automatic Leads Provider (ALPR)

Which takes us yet another step closer to a TOTAL SALES PROSPECTING SOLUTION.

This automatically provides management with reports on prospecting activities done by sales staff.

Both the above facilities are currently free, value added enhancements to our standard prospecting solution.

Find out more about these two great additions.

Our focus is to continually improve and develop our web based platform, providing sales staff and management with the most advanced, effective way of identifying and researching companies and individuals, with a view to understanding them thoroughly, prior to approaching them for business.

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