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Set the Metrics

Last week I had a chat with a great sales leader. We got to talking about salespeople and performance. He was called in to help one of the largest car dealerships achieve better results. What he found was a team

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What makes a great salesperson?

Promise set the tone Picture, tell the best story, use emotion to convince, and logic to justify. Proof, show me don’t tell me Pitch, don’t overwhelm with options, have one call to action. 6 psychological tricks to make people like

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October 2020 Research Stats

At Matrix Marketing we are constantly refreshing and adding new companies to our contact file. Our records show that over the recent past we have lost 8225 companies that have shut down, gone insolvent or just disappeared. We made it

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Steve Trehair

Internet activity every minute in 2020

One of my staff brought the following article to my attention this week. What Happens on the Internet Every Minute (2020 Version) [Infographic] AUTHOR Andrew Hutchinson@adhutchinson PUBLISHED Aug. 11, 2020 It’s amazing to consider the breadth of activity that now

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It’s about who knows you…

Did you know? “Business is not about who you know, it’s who knows you!” (David Avrin) Selling is about continuously building a target market and developing relationships with the right people in the right businesses to uncover sales opportunities. We

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July 2020 Research Update

Research done in July 2020 Our research team performed miracles in July!!! Despite it being a tremendous challenge trying to get hold of companies during the Covid-19 Pandemic, our research team has managed to update our master file as follows.

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August 2020 Stats

As salespeople, nothing is more important than building relationships, with that in mind we continue to do our best to research and update as many companies and decision-makers to help you find new business relationships. To keep you in the

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