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Brand New – Matrix Connections – Our Case Study

Here are some stats based on our own case study

Here are some stats based on our own case study


Our first campaign: 

The campaign below was our first campaign that we ran from last year September to mid-December.

Total invites sent                                         –    2499 invites

Total accepted invites                                 –    approximately 45%   (1120 contacts)

Total conversations started                        –    approximately 21%   (538 Sales Directors)

Total number of positive responses           –    approximately 70.6%   (380 contacts)

Number of leads generated                          –    approximately 23%   (88 leads)

In summary, you can see the software viewed 2 499 profiles, 1120 accepted our connection request (45 % acceptance rate) and 538 Sales Directors responded to our messages which is a 21 % response rate. Out of the 538 responses, 380 messages were positive responses.



Our latest campaign results are: 

Total invites sent                             –    1092 invites

Total accepted invites                    –    approximately 25%   (261 contacts)

Total conversations started           –    approximately 10%   (103 contacts)

Number of leads generated           –    approximately 6%   (97 leads)

As you can see, we are able to set activity for the hours of the campaign to run on business days and in business hours. Our LinkedIn profile has grown by over 2200 connections in three and a half weeks.

In addition you can run multiple campaigns for multiple products with varying target markets. 

Compare these numbers to regular email campaigns and the difference in result is dramatic. Normal email campaigns will generate ± 1% return. As you can see from this case study, our new software has generated more than 21.5% response rate and of the responses 70% were positive.

It’s a no brainer!

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