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Matrix Marketing Fact Sheet

Founded in 1988 Matrix Marketing was founded around a dining room table by Steve Trehair and two other smart gents who had a dream, a vision and a plan. 30+ Employees Our clan is mixed, passionate and driven. Some won’t leave; who would after being with the company for more than 25 years. Thousands of …

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POPIFix to the rescue!

POPIFix to the rescue! The new POPIA legislation has caused sales and marketing people to take a long hard look at whether their company has satisfied the POPIA compliance requirements. Gone are the days where we can pump out sales and marketing communications without first getting permission from the customer to do so. Matrix Marketing …

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Brand New – Matrix Connections – Our Case Study

Here are some stats based on our own case study Here are some stats based on our own case study CASE STUDY 1 Our first campaign:  The campaign below was our first campaign that we ran from last year September to mid-December. Total invites sent                      …

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Next came the demonstration of how to perform the various exercises. Finally, I was handed a card with a programme that was developed for first-time gym-goers. After the mandatory 12 weeks on programme #1, I was graduated to programme #2! One thing, however, stood out; the fundamentals of the programme were really the same. There …


Growing your Business

Talent, Effort and Performance Staying Practical What are Sales Metrics? Simply put, the measure of activity, effort, and skill that will determine a successful and predictable outcome. So much has been published on these topics that it makes sense to not introduce new theories or just rehash existing ones. However there are some models that just make sense and …

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Setting Tangible, Achievable Family-Specific Goals

Last week I sat with one of our sales execs and in simple conversation, asked him if he had a goal list? He said he knows what he wants but doesn’t have it documented anywhere. So many times I hear people say they have goals, aspirations of bigger and better, needs for more and more …

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The buyer’s journey is fundamentally changing

For the seller, it is all about stimulating inbound leads. Remembering that Inbound Marketing leads are like gold but they must be the right target market to qualify. How your salespeople handled these leads is also extremely important. Remember we are now living in Era 3 selling. Era 1 The age of “spray and pray” …

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BANTing and why it’s good for any salesperson.

And before you ask, this type of BANTing is very different from the dietary type.  In fact, the more you follow these BANTing rules, the heavier your bank balance will tend to get. I love being in the field with my sales team, and the old question of “do you think we have a sale”, …

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