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People with charisma have the ability to be exceptional sales people.

What is charisma?

What is it about a person that others admire?

What is it about a person that demands attention?

What is it that makes a person interesting?

What is it that makes a person remember your name?

What is it that makes a person important in your life?

It’s difficult to have charisma when you’re not outgoing. Most charismatic people tend to be extroverts and are able to communicate and speak well.

Charisma encompasses the art of saying profound things that resonate with people in an effervescent way, drawing them together and creating a following.

Think about people with charisma, you don’t necessarily need to like them to recognise that they have it. Think of a few influential politicians you may not particularly like. Their authority stems from charisma because charisma leads to influence, which in turn leads to authority.

It’s that outgoing, confident personality, paired with dramatic statements that give someone the ability to influence others. The more confident and outgoing someone is, the more charisma and influence they seem to possess.

So how can you develop charisma and make a positive impact on people’s lives? If you’re continuously putting people down and being belligerent, you’re not being charismatic and your impact on the people you’re trying to influence will be far less. What you strive for, must ring true if you want it to have credibility. It’s more about what people want to hear, not necessarily what they should hear.

In a closed society, you can use force to get what you want but in an open society of choice, influence is the key.

So, is charisma something that can be learnt or is it inherent ? Consider it a talent, which I guess is a gift, which some people have learnt to use as a tool and a very powerful one at that, it gives you the edge in many instances. It’s also something that people are drawn to, and has a certain entertainment factor.

People who have charisma are sometimes harsh and can be toughies but that confidence and determination is the attraction for others. Cast your mind to past and current controversial leaders; political, religious, and business leaders. If your views and aspirations align with theirs, you see them as a leader and champion of your own circumstance.

Success also plays a role, because people like being around successful people, they are attractive and respected because being successful is desirable. It’s also challenging and demands effort and there is an element of mystique about it. Not everyone is likely to strive for greatness, many find it more comfortable to sit back and go with the flow.

So how do you become more charismatic?

Start with a very clear vision of where you want to go, aligning it with the people you want to influence and have a good channel of communication with your audience. It’s important to remember that many people might disagree with you but this won’t take away from the fact that they’ll recognise your charisma.

Is charisma something that you earn?

It is something that others recognise, are drawn to and can be measured by your ability to get others to do things willingly for you. By being challenging, you’re seen as focused and determined to reach goals. People want to get somewhere in life and be recognised for it, they may not want to work particularly hard for it but they all want to be seen as part of a successful movement.


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