Matrix Marketing

I used to wonder why my son ate his broccoli and Brussel sprouts first and left his steak or chicken till last. Why didn’t he just fill up on the good stuff first, enjoy his meal and leave what he didn’t want? 

Yes, as parents we teach our children that vegetables are important, I mean, whoever saw a rabbit wearing glasses right? But the reason my son did things this way round was that he loved to finish his meal with the last bite being one of enjoyment and fulfilment. 

The same can then be said of all the elements of selling. Of course, it would be great if we could all start our days off with a signed order but we first have to put in the work before we can get to that point. Having spent 25 years talking to sales departments and coaching salespeople on selling techniques, it’s abundantly clear that people hate having to get on the phone. It’s put off in the hope that the phone will ring by itself and the person on the other end will be inquiring about how they can buy from you.

While this would be ideal, old fashioned cold calling and prospecting will never ever disappear, so do it every day. Take an hour every day, find what works for you and get it done. Eat that broccoli so that you can enjoy every bite of your fillet steak.


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