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What are Sales Metrics?

Simply put, the measure of activityeffort, and skill that will determine a successful and predictable outcome.

So much has been published on these topics that it makes sense to not introduce new theories or just rehash existing ones.

However there are some models that just make sense and it is to these we now point to assist the sales professional to understand the link between TALENT, EFFORT, AND PERFORMANCE.

TALENT is an incredibly important ingredient in the quest for success. Any sportsman or musician will quickly agree that TALENT forms the backbone of their accomplishments. A lack of TALENT will immediately place the participant at a prejudicial disadvantage over their competitors.

TALENT is composed of the following:

1.      Natural or inherent ability

Without inherent ability, it’s unlikely that an individual will achieve anything remarkable in a chosen pursuit. For example, if you’re tone-deaf, a singing teacher will have their hands and ears full trying to teach you to keep a tune. You can practice 3X more than a more musically inclined person but it’s still unlikely that you’ll achieve a grade, let alone fame.

OK, so I got the music gene in my family handouts but I didn’t get the hand-eye co-ordination one. Although I’d love to run onto Ellis Park’s field in a #10 green and gold, the closest I would get to an Ellis Park debut would be to perform Nkosi Sikele iAfrica at the start of an international test.


2.      Skills – learned, developed and practised to a fine art form.

If there is a modicum of inherent ability, practice and development can take this and multiply its effect many fold. The common wisdom is to practice anything 10 000 times and you will become accomplished. All recognised sportsmen and musicians attest that this is also a critical ingredient to their success.

This is where the magic in the marriage lies. Combine the two elements and you unleash a synergy effect where the result is far greater than the sum of the parts.

Notwithstanding, TALENT must still be accompanied by further EFFORT. The EFFORT concentrated in the 80-minute rugby game or during the 90 minutes of a live performance on stage elevates the participant into the stratosphere, or the lack of it relegates them to a mere mention during the reviews.

Athletes invest millions in their coaching, training, equipment, and gear to enhance their efforts

Likewise, musicians invest in their training, coaching, stage, and sound reproduction equipment.


Investing in sales methodology and training is required, as are productivity tools that are designed to make salespeople more efficient and effective.

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