“I have found the Matrix Online System to be user friendly it has helped me to make good appointments.  I am now able to speak directly to the buying department without having to go through receptionists who usually make our (telemarketers) lives difficult”.

Stacy Setaro – Telemarketer, Sharp Electronics

“The Matrix system I found a bit tricky to use in the beginning but after getting used to it and using it every day it has become a lot easier and I am happy with the system”.

Robyn Dekoker – Telemarketer, Sharp Electronics

“The Matrix Marketing employee that trains you is friendly and always willing to help. Thanks for the wonderful system as I have gained great experience and knowledge speaking to CEO’s and other big names in the company because if it wasn’t for the info that was provided to me on Matrix Online I don’t think I would have had the opportunity to speak to them”.

Dominique Theunissen – Telemarketer, Sharp Electronics

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