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During the last quarter of 2016, our management team spent time with psychology honours graduates. The purpose, to understand ourselves and our colleagues better.

This led to better communication amongst ourselves and an empathy with each other when it came down to working together. We also wanted clear direction on the strengths within the team as to who would be better suited to lead various projects, where different skills would be required.

What I did not expect was a far clearer understanding of my personal traits, what really drives me and to understand my own personal motivations. If you ask people in sales what drives them, most will say money, sure money is important but if it is the only thing, it leads to people taking shortcuts and attempting to do the least possible for the greatest return. Sounds efficient initially but if you spend minimal time thinking of your customers, it does not lend itself to building relationships and becoming a trusted advisor.

Although I knew which traits were important to me, the levels were not and the deeper motivations simplified my view to future actions.

What also became obvious is how easy it is to break things and how much more challenging it is to build them up.


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