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It is quite common at the start of a New Year to try to determine what we want to prioritise in terms of our goals and achievements.

Most personal success coaches will ask you to strive to develop but also strike a balance between various aspects of your life such as Family (include romantic relationships), Social (include friends and community), Health, Financial, Work, Personal Development.


In order to help us “check-in,” we should look at each area requiring attention and try to balance things out.

This reduces unnecessary stress and the potential to “blow-out” because one area ends up detracting from another.

Our habits are a reflection of the repeated and consistent behaviours we demonstrate. Habits can be easily grouped into either Good Habits; those behaviours that help drive us to our desired outcomes and goals, or Bad Habits; those behaviours that keep us from achieving what we decide we want to prioritise.

Performance gurus advise us that our habits are built over time and as a consequence of our Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills. Again, these attributes are inter-related. For example, our attitudes are affected by what we know and what we can do.

If we set out goals that are important for us to achieve, it makes sense that we will need to modify both our good and bad habits. Remember that habits are a measure of your internal attributes (Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills).

To reduce certain bad habits may require a change in attitude. To build up a good habit may require you to develop a new skill.

Ask yourself the following questions as you plan for a successful 2020?

  • What new good habits must I start developing and doing?
  • What bad habits must I stop? (They are getting in the way of me achieving my goal.)
  • What existing good habits should I do more of and work on improving?
  • What bad habits can I minimise if I find I can’t altogether stop them?

Remember to focus less on how busy you think you are but to rather focus on what you have done.

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