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The South African economy continues to struggle in 2019 to gain upward momentum.

This provides scant relief for businesses hungry to realize stakeholder value. The only antidote is aggressive sales strategies designed to identify and target unreached prospects.

Matrix Marketing provides businesses, with a focus on selling to other businesses, the means to efficiently do exactly that.

Our products help you to sell yours.

Matrix Marketing recently released file statistics which demonstrate our commitment to helping our customers find new market potential. This is achieved by growing our directory of available prospects and ensuring that our existing listed businesses are maintained and updated.

The past 3 months have seen our researchers complete and add an additional 9 000 new businesses to our Company file. Our commitment is to continue growing our file by another 3 000 files before year-end.

In addition, we have updated in excess of 4 000 existing businesses in the same period.

Our efforts to maintain our records to research undertaken within 24 months are in full swing and will soon yield even better results.

All this effort means that our customers have access to South Africa’s largest and most in-date researched business directory available.

Drive your performance into the black!

For more information on understanding your team’s success formula, contact Matrix Marketing or visit our website.

Visit Matrix Marketing’s YouTube channel to understand the dynamics involved in improving these metrics and how it affects your sales results.

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By Andrew Haynes


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