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Life has become a balancing act and if your company has no sales it may all come tumbling down.

The whole world is experiencing a first-ever global threat from the COVID-19, or more commonly called Corona Virus. The impact may be slight or devastating we are yet to find out.

What we do know is that businesses have had to close their doors, their staff are at home and are trying to work in a virtual office.

Schools have closed with children needing unplanned supervision, this means parents will have to take time off from their daily routine. Image credit Dr Seuss

Travel has almost come to a halt. Imagine the impact on airlines, hotels, their staff and the staff of a myriad of support functions.

Sports events have stopped with a huge impact on hospitality companies.

Factories have closed, stopping the production of goods, such as generators, pumps and other machinery. What does this mean for the distributors and agents if no stock is available?

What does this mean for your business?

We don’t fully know yet.

But if buyers stop visiting your company and your sales folk can’t visit companies, how will you sell your products?

Matrix Marketing is ideally positioned to provide your sales team with an alternative…digital communication. Using email, telephone and web address information will provide your sales staff with a sales channel.

The use of video will increase as will other electronic communication tools.

Call us today to strengthen your companies’ ability to find a balancing solution.

Nothing happens without sales!

Talk to our Sales Director Stuart Miller on 082 440 6292.

Don’t underestimate the power of keeping in touch with your existing clients and relentlessly looking for new ones. We can help. We have been opening sales channels for 31 years, helping sales staff balance their act.


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