Matrix Marketing

Bring practise to the game of sales.

Training in companies is usually divided into two areas:

1 Selling Skills

2 Product Knowledge

I believe there is a third and by far the most important and that is Personal Skills.

What do I mean by this, you can have all the Selling Skills and Product Knowledge, without the correct Mindset you are going nowhere.

Mindset is by far the most important ingredient in the mix and will deliver more activity than anything else.

To have a positive mindset is a gift, but can be developed using some simple techniques that will pay handsomely in building confidence, a “Yes” attitude and getting things done.

As Nelson Mandela said, “things seem impossible until somebody does it”.

Practise in all these things is vital to building a successful career.

Think of our great sportsmen and women, the hours spent honing their techniques and skills through hours of practice, watching videos on themselves trying to extract that extra ounce of performance.  As salespeople why don’t we do the same? Listen to your recorded telephone techniques you use when setting up appointments, how could you improve?

Why do professional sports have coaches, after all, once you know the rules of the game and have played a few games you don’t need to practice any more? Do you?

Look at your sales aids (Collateral) how could you improve them?

Most salespeople start a job and go for training.  Once done they seldom practise the things they have learned with a training mindset of :

What did I do right?

What did I do wrong?

How could I improve on that skill?

How could I improve my communication?

How could I improve my presentation skill?

Or my admin skills or my presence in a meeting and so on.

Check your mindset, is it always positive or are you a whiner? Remember you are in the “asking business”, on average you will have a 2% success rate at best a 5% rate from prospecting to sale.  The stronger your mindset, the better your results but you are going to get an awful number of no’s along the way, understand that, get used to it and remember it’s not personal it’s business.


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