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Programming your sales success

In a previous blog, we spoke about the key ingredient of DISCIPLINE to achieve success in meeting an established goal.

As a practical example, I looked at a life experience to see if there were parallels to developing consistency in sales metrics and work ethic.

I was reminded of a much earlier age when I first signed up for a gym contract.

The motivated gym owner showed me around the facilities and the equipment and made sure that I understood the basics of how to use everything.

Next came the demonstration of how to perform the various exercises.

Finally, I was handed a card with a programme that was developed for first-time gym-goers. After the mandatory 12 weeks on programme #1, I was graduated to programme #2!

One thing, however, stood out; the fundamentals of the programme were really the same. There were about 3 exercises for each muscle group, a number of sets needed to be performed for each exercise and the number of repetitions of the exercise were to be performed for each set. Weight was also specified.

So the formula was established. SETS, REPS, WEIGHT, TIME.

Results would be demonstrated in terms of measurements in size, strength and endurance.

Unfortunately, I never really graduated beyond programme #3. The opinions of friends and acquaintances soon mixed up the DISCIPLINE of the programme. This, together with less commitment and tenacity meant that other priorities took over and messed with the results!

I recently saw a significant parallel in explaining the benefits of following a programme based activity metric to sales success.

You don’t always enjoy the immediate evidence of visible results when you follow a gym programme, but consistency in your approach will build you to a progressive realisation of your goals.

Set your financial goals and take note of your company-enforced targets.

Establish a programme of activity that will determine you reach those goals within the required timeframe. To do this must be able to establish your important measurements such as average sales value, time to close, opportunity to close ratio and calls to lead ratio. Set activity goals based on these criteria, such as how many appointments you need to build enough opportunities and how many calls per week you need to make to have enough appointments etc.

You will not see immediate results but with consistency over time, you will build a fundamental discipline that will drive you to success.

Dig deep, and go for it!

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