Matrix Marketing

Last week I had a chat with a great sales leader.

We got to talking about salespeople and performance.

He was called in to help one of the largest car dealerships achieve better results.

What he found was a team that sat around the showroom waiting for somebody to contact them and order a car.  He calls these people clerks or order takers.  What is needed now, is salespeople that understand that presently we need to create sales, as a lot fewer walk through the front door.  What this means is, it translates to understanding that performance metrics is what it is all about.  As Mark said, most salespeople will tell you how driven they are and how much they want to succeed yet when it comes down to it, picking up the phone and making appointments is the last thing they want to do.  Mark says we think that social media will take the hard work out of sales, yet it is proving more and more that it is not the case, and that few sales are generated this way.

Influence and impact your own future by understanding your sales ratios.  How many potential decision-makers do you need to contact in order to generate an appointment, how many appointments do you need to have to get sales.  Once you have these numbers waxed.  If you really want to achieve, it is a process of getting down to business and working the Metrics.  Mark moved the dealership from 70 cars a month up to 130 almost doubling the sales, can they maintain the momentum, it is up to them, the formula is in place. It is all about “won’t power”.

I won’t let my metrics slip.


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