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Ladders of Awareness

In each person’s mind, we have Ladders of Awareness. These ladders relate to many
things, in marketing terms, it measures a person’s awareness of a particular product or
service and how it relates to its competition. For example, if I asked, “what vehicles do you
know of that you would consider good value for money”? You may have a list in your mind
of two or three probably Chinese vehicles. If I asked, “which vehicles would you consider
are most reliable, you may have other brands in mind”.
Reaching the top three rungs on the Ladder of Awareness is truly significant and is brought
about through years of doing the right things.

Ladder of Opportunity

If you are on one of the top three rungs of the Ladder of Awareness, you can now move to
the Ladder of Opportunity.
This usually means that the person would be receptive to building a relationship with the
source of the product.
In many companies, the above items are left to the Marketing Department but then it’s the
Sales Department turn, to convert an opportunity into a sale.

B A N T then comes into play.

Does the prospect have budget?
Does the prospect have the authority to buy?
Is there a need for the product?
Is the timing right?

Many salespeople will not know how to tell if there is a real possibility of a sale.
I always ask if the BANT questions have been asked and are the answers positive.

Remember as salespeople we are in the asking business.


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