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“Ryperd” is the title of a well-loved and much performed Afrikaans folk song, most recently made popular by the artist Dozi.

The country-styled ballad harkens after gentler, slower days where humankind was less caught up in the drive for position and prestige and rather focused on the important things in life such as relationship, loyalty and being in tune with yourself and your surroundings. Naturally, performing a hit has only helped Dozi run to prestige and success but enough of the irony.

We were discussing issues around how to motivate staff to perform when the much-vaunted statement “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink…” was aptly repeated.

This got me thinking, often dangerous work but also rewarded me with a flash of inspiration that I can only describe as an epiphany of sorts if you will allow me the presumption.

How can you make a horse drink?

The answer is profound in its simplicity. You ride it until it is thirsty!


This is also a therapy adopted when practitioners are dealing with issues like depression. Fill your life with routine and structure and the daunting problems that currently overwhelm you begin to shrink.

Sales can be a daunting prospect (pun intended).

The chase for target is often unnerving and can leave the sales professional-feeling over-whelmed and inadequate. The Sales Manager’s role is to assist in prioritising those tasks which will, together with process, produce a result.

Activity is the best cure for dispiritedness.

So the next time your trusted sales-steed is slowly meandering through the mire of getting to the finish line, take them out for a brisk gallop!

Assuredly, after the initial shock of being spurred into a stretch of speed has worn off, the realisation that they have turned the corner and are on the home stretch will set in. The siren’s call of arriving back at the stable with the promise of shrugging off the rider, cooling off the sweat with the assurance of a deserved rub down but most importantly

the prospect of indulging in a life-defining drink of cool water, will motivate them to even greater speed.

You won’t have to make them drink, they’ll just want to!

Ryperd indeed!

Drive your performance into the black!

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