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Here is an easy way to remember the Buyers Journey.

Discover, Diagnose, Design and Deliver.

In B2B selling, the buyer has become far more cautious when buying products and services.  They are looking for solutions that will specifically address their requirements.

In order to satisfy their demands, we need to understand exactly what it is that they need.

Gone are the days of simply “showing up and throwing up”.

Using the magic 4 D’s will sharpen your focus and guide your path to being relevant and professional in your approach.


Forms part of the Prospecting stage.

It could also include Advertising, Blogging, Social Media, SEO, Web Site, Conference Exhibition, YouTube, and so on.

When in front of the prospect the Discover phase will guide you to uncover specific requirements.  Spending time in this phase will make your selling path that much more relevant and pertinent to the prospect.  When you think you have all the information ask a few more questions to confirm your understanding.


Ask relevant questions including what will happen if nothing changes.


Together, design a solution to the issues uncovered under Diagnose


Deliver and maintain contact introducing additional upsell and cross-sell ideas.

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