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Success: A word that is usually synonymous with material possessions and assets. On the surface, success does indicate that you’ve made it but it’s also made up of several important elements that when implemented, will help create more harmony in your working and personal life.

This is an acronym I aim to live by:

Sort – Sort the good noise from the bad. Bad noise is like a double-edged sword; not only does it ensure that you spend more time on the negative but it also prevents you from seeing the positive.

Uncover – This is like liberating yourself from a really uncomfortable situation. When you fully uncover an issue and see it for what it is, you tend to see more, do more, and fix more.

Create – When you inspire creativity, you ensure that every idea is welcome and revered. There are no bad ideas, only bad listening skills. Our world has proven that small things can lead to big rewards.

Commend – Acknowledge anyone who makes a difference, even you. Never forget to tell the people who make a difference exactly how it has improved or bettered a situation or your life. Commending even the smallest things makes the biggest difference.

Evoke – Bring happiness into your life. Be happy, don’t just act happy. If you’re looking for ways to feel happier about your own life, look at someone less fortunate. Make a concerted effort to remind yourself to be happy. It’s infectious and if you’re happy, there’s a strong chance that people around you will be happy too.

Solidify – Set your relationships and boundaries in stone. Both have the ability to ensure security and stability.

See – See what you don’t want to see and see it for what it is. That will allow you to feel, deal, and heal. It’s when we bury our heads in the sand that it clogs our vision.


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