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POPIA regulations are in full effect, 1st July 2021.

All data users are required to show that they have obtained CONSENT to record, hold or process PERSONAL INFORMATION and that they have obtained OPT-IN to proceed with electronic marketing.

Matrix Marketing undertakes that the data supplied has been obtained with CONSENT by the businesses associated with the contact information supplied. Evidence of the source and consent to publish is available if specifically requested. In terms of legislation, this consent does not automatically transfer to the subscriber (3rd party).

The subscriber, however, may use the data to establish a successful initial contact (only once) with the individual, at which point consent (opt-in) must be obtained to proceed with marketing and record, hold or process personal information. Should (opt-in) not be achieved you may not attempt to get (opt-in) again from that individual.(Refer to Section 69 of POPIA). Subscribers are further advised that the POPIA regulations stipulate that when using electronic communication, only one communication message may be sent.

 The subscriber specifically warrants that they are aware of these requirements and that the information provided will only be used to reach out to establish a connection and to obtain “OPT-IN” and/or “CONSENT” to process personal information. Only one electronic message may be issued.

Matrix Marketing will not be held liable for subscribers not following the aforementioned recommendations.



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