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Nature often teaches us important lessons or reminds us of those indispensable principals we should continue to embrace in our lives. In business, for example, we have come to rely on valuable qualities such as partnership, cooperation and mutual support. This leads me to an interesting analogy about the African bush.

The honeyguide and honey badger demonstrate the value of forming partnerships with mutually beneficial results. Even though it can survive on insects, reptiles and small mammals, the honey badger thrives on honey. The badger, however, needs guidance from the honeyguide, who is adept at locating the nearest honeycomb in the bush. Once the bird pinpoints the honey, it makes an alluring call to arouse the badger’s attention.

The bird only flies toward the bees’ nest when it is certain the badger is following it. When the badger finds the bees’ nest, it tears it open to feast on the delectable mixture of honey, beeswax and larvae. While the badger mostly devours the honey, it leaves enough beeswax and larvae for the honeyguide to savour.

In this admirable scenario of mutual support, we are the honeyguide, the trusted business partner who takes it’s customers to the “honey”, we mean the treasure chest of smart business intelligence that enables our customers to bolster their marketing strategies and expand their sales campaigns with greater insight.

Established 32 years ago, we at Matrix pride ourselves in having developed a definitive database of updated, accurate and continuously expanding information on a comprehensive cross-section of business. By the time our seasoned specialists have checked, structured and integrated this information into our easy-to-use Matrix software, it is smart business intelligence – a goldmine of essential business information and sales leads to empower your marketing strategy and maximise your sales campaigns.

There is so more to Matrix software. You can gain helpful business intelligence to assist you with market potential analysis and market share analysis. You can also undertake a competitive analysis – and use the results to create a stronger marketing and sales strategy that is unique and inherently more successful.

If the marketplace seems like an uncharted bush, it is better to have a focused approach to communicating with the marketplace and sustaining your sales at your desired momentum. You need a simple tool at your fingertips to pinpoint and peruse sales opportunities with efficiency, understanding and ease.

Asking for the right person by name in the right companies gets you straight through – that is the power of our smart business intelligence. To get quality sales leads and succeed, you have to know with whom you should be speaking whenever you want to contact a potential customer organisation.

That is why we continue to upgrade and refine Matrix, our unique business contact solution for a broad spectrum of growth-driven businesses. You will find Matrix easy to operate and manage on any personal computer (PC). It will guide you from one day to the next to approach the right people in the right companies with confidence by providing you with the right telephone, fax and email information.

Equally important, we provide you with regular updates and continuous hands-on support from one of our highly trained account executives. From day one, through Matrix, we give you access to a structured and interactive database of more than 180 000 business contacts. What is more, the South African Post Office has certified our mailing addresses to be 99,89 % accurate. It sounds almost too good to be true but is.

Please expect a call soon from one of our accounts executives. In the meantime, I am inviting you to join us for a free presentation at your own convenience. You are most welcome to call me. I will ensure one of our agile account executives organises a presentation for you as soon as possible.

We would be delighted to demonstrate the many benefits fo Matrix, answer your questions and, most important of all, play our dynamic part in leading you to the honey you seek in the marketplace.

With Best Regards

Steve Trehair

Managing Director

PS: Before I forget, you probably want to know about the affordability of Matrix. One single business user can pay as little as R1 700 a month to be Matrix-empowered. In today’s inflationary market, I doubt if you will find a reliable and accurate business guide anywhere else who is willing to work


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