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Do you blame your tools?

Do you take responsibility?

Do you learn from past experiences, your own and other people’s? 

Ever heard of a successful person blaming his working environment? Never. Ever. In fact, a successful person always reminds himself why he was successful and has usually surrounded himself with successful things. 

I am convinced that as immature business people, it’s an easy way of eliminating the potential for blame or taking responsibility for your own failures by blaming everything but yourself. Failure is OK. I have failed numerous times and while it is easy to find another scapegoat, I find that it is more useful and less painful to learn from your mistakes. “School fees”, as they say. 

The beauty about failing at something is obviously learning how to succeed at it afterwards….. and how sweet the victory is. 

I am sure I will have a couple more failures in my life but believe me, I intend to have many more successes!


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