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We give you the ability to easily identify your best sales opportunities.

Who We Are ?

The Power of Information.

1989 was the year the World Wide Web was first conceived of in Switzerland by Tim Berners-Lee. It was also the year in which Matrix Marketing was founded. Selling was a lot different back then and much has changed, thanks to the Internet.

To survive in the modern business world, it’s not enough to make sales. Customers must be obtained at the lowest possible cost and retained for as long as possible. Where selling was once about persuading and convincing, today salespeople have to really understand who their customers are and help them achieve their objectives. But to be genuinely customer focused, you need the right information. Here’s where Matrix Marketing comes in. The quickest way to increase sales at the least cost.

Your profits depend on your sales team’s ability to uncover prospects and convince people that your products and services are necessary. But to be an effective sales person in today’s market, you have to know who to talk to, in which companies.

Matrix Marketing’s sales prospecting system, built over a period of more than two decades, will confidently guide you to approach the right people in the right companies, providing telephone, fax and email information so that you can initiate contact. What our customers have found is that asking for the tight person by name usually gets you straight through. That’s the power of information. Updates are regularly provided, ensuring that you have access to the very latest research.


Targeted Leads
By using targeted leads from Matrix Marketing’s databases, it’s possible to increase the closure rates of your sales force dramatically. The industry average for closures from unqualified leads is between 3% and 5% on average. By contrast, we are confident we can double your success rates.


Customer Profiling

Tell us the type of customer you want and we'll provide you with leads matched to your profile in our databases. Alternatively, if you have a specific customer profile which you would like to grow, tell us and we’ll supply a list of matching companies from our databases.


Research and Analysis

If you’re keen to find out more about your customers — so that you can use that information to grow your understanding of their business — we can help with that too, through our research and customer base analysis solutions.

What We Do ?

Experience the power of accurate data with a solution that gives you a logically integrated view of customers and prospects.


Our product offering comprises a set of prospecting solutions that can be customised specifically for clients’ needs. No matter what prospecting data you need, you can choose how to see or use the data, in the ways that best suit the requirements of your business and your salespeople. You get the amount and type of data you need, when you need it. After all, our goal is to increase the productivity of each and every member of your sales team.


Helping you to identify and locate customers

Here’s a simple example: let’s say you own a company that sells copiers and printers, and is based in Randburg. You have a team of ten salespeople, each of whom has two targets – renewal of existing business and creating new business. Our team at Matrix Marketing will be able to provide you with an understanding of how big your potential market is, what sector these potential customers are in, the size of the businesses, where they are located, who the correct contact people are, and their contact details – all of this information is updated regularly, so you can be sure it is correct and current. This eliminates precious – and costly – time wasted searching for customer details that could be much better spent in front of clients. Most importantly, we don’t just give you a list of 50 names – we provide you with in- depth marketing intelligence.


Leveraging the strengths of your people

We can also enable you to take full advantage of the strengths of your sales team, and then provide them with the types of contacts that speak best to those strengths. What do we really mean by that? Well, if you have a salesperson on your team who is skilled at selling to company MDs over the age of 50 and in the manufacturing sector, we can provide the contact information for every one of them. Some may prefer selling to the IT industry – we

can do that too. The result is that your team is able to be more effective because they are always playing to their strengths.


It’s all about saving your business time and money, by optimizing the ways your sales people operate, helping to increase their confidence in the process, and giving them the best chance of success. When you think about the reality that – on average – three out of ten salespeople perform very well, while the remaining seven rarely meet targets, that’s an enormous advantage for your business.


Back to basics, sales is numbers. They either lie or may not have proficient sales skills to sell, may not have confidence, and may not have the resource to sell.


Unmatched database quality

Our databases deliver best results for customers for three reasons:

• Our team of researchers provide the best, most in-depth marketing intelligence available in the country

• Outdated CRM data is a sales killer – our data is constantly updated, and every record is date- stamped. We load between 3 500 and 5 000 updates every month

• Our record keeping is meticulous, which means there is no duplicate data. It also means that details like full company names are correctly spelled and that all details are recorded accurately

Why choose us ?

Our research team ensures that the data supplied is of the very best quality in terms of accuracy and completeness, and our data updating facility makes sure it stays that way.


Matrix Marketing's data carries an A-grade Postal Address Management Service Suppliers (PAMMS) certificate for accuracy. That means, the quality of postal addresses on mail articles is high, leading to speedier, more accurate delivery and more cost-effective mailings, so that your marketing efforts reach their targets.


Matrix Marketing is also a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and is aligned with its data-driven marketing best practices. We believe in advancing and protecting the responsible use of data-driven marketing wherever it is practiced, and we encourage all our customers to do the same.


Industry Awards

Matrix Marketing's quest for excellence has been recognised by the industry at large.


PMR Award

We scooped the PMR Golden Arrow award for being the best database consultants for direct sales. (The PMR Golden Arrow Awards are rated by 100 marketing directors and managers selected from the top 700 advertisers in South Africa).


Assegai Award

The Assegai Award recognises products and services, which stand out for their innovation or improvement to sales productivity.


Matrix Marketing's Answers prospecting package won a Gold Assegai award just a few months after its release.

Black Economic Empowerment

Matrix Marketing is 21, 28% owned by investment holding company Shanduka. Chaired by Cyril Ramaphosa, Shanduka is a leading black owned and managed Investment Company established in November 2000. Its investment activities are categorised under the following:

Resources, Food and Beverages, Energy, Financial Services, Property, Telecommunications, Industrial and General.


A critical component of Shanduka’s investment process is to work with its partner companies to maximise their growth and profitability and to manage the implementation of their empowerment and transformation programmes.


For more details, please visit their website at www.shanduka.co.za

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