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COVID 19 has accelerated the change in the way many of us do business.

Face to face meetings are fast becoming a thing of the past and may never get back to the way it was.

Digitalisation has become the flavour of the day, making it possible for salespeople to open channels of communication with prospective new clients.

Three predominant methods are most popular with B2B sales teams.

  • Telephone
  • LinkedIn
  • Email

Less effective than face to face meetings, the telephone provides real-time two-way communication but limits the number of conversations you can have in a day.

Being less effective than face to face meetings means that we have to do more of them and find a way to increase the number of telephone conversations to the decision-makers in companies.

The question is how?

At Matrix Marketing we have been hard at work finding easier ways to help you do this.

No doubt, we provide the most flexible powerful method of identifying potential contacts.

We have now made it a one-step method to export contacts in the correct format for immediate use in LinkedIn and bulk emailing.

emailing requires some caution in complying with the latest POPIA regulations but LinkedIn overcomes this through its connecting request process.

To find out more about the use of our latest single step exporting for LinkedIn and bulk email, click here and here to watch the short videos.

These two methods make it easy to expand your sales footprint and connections.

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